Veteran owned business

Veteran owned business


Rennie Rodriguez is a former U.S. Secret Service and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm’s and Explosives Special Agent. He invented the original Eyeglass Holder in 2009 after experiencing the problem in his 28 years of Government Service of losing, and damaging the lenses of his sunglasses.

As a tactical special agent and combat sailor, he was constantly misplacing or improperly storing eyeglasses and sunglasses. Then he came up with a new and innovative one piece eyeglasses holder that can be clipped on any fabric. Another one piece holder can be worn over any size button, or clipped vertically or horizontally on a shirt, jacket pocket or simply clipped to a pair of pants or handbag, or belt. It has been designed for both casual and tactical use.


Your glasses are a precious asset. You don’t have to struggle securing them.

You won’t have to struggle for long! Therefore with Rennie’s Keeper, you have a simple yet effective eyeglasses holder you can bring anywhere. Due to its simple clip it on your pockets, lapel, or belt and secure your glasses in place.

As a result,  you can adjust the eyeglasses holder vertically or horizontally, whichever’s convenient so you can use your eyewear at a moment’s notice. It’s designed for any situation, especially tactical combat and emergency response. Also, you can use the eyeglasses holder for just about anything, from carrying your car keys to keeping your earphone wires from getting entangled. You can also use it as a money clip.

You don’t need a heavy case and you certainly don’t need to hang your glasses on your head where they can easily fall off. Rennie’s Keeper gives added protection that’s affordable and convenient. And with lifetime warranty to boot, so you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.


One Piece Patented

Rennie’s Keeper is a one piece patented product made with polypropylene a “high-grade” plastic and a cutting edge new and innovative design, making it both strong and light-weight.

We Believe In The Creation Of Jobs

The inventor of Rennie’s Keeper believes in creating jobs for our Veterans and helping support the domestic economy, while giving back by donating to the vision impaired less fortunate in the World.

Sufficiently Strong

Rennie’s Keeper is strong enough to be used by soldiers in combat.

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